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Light chimney system Primakomin  with ceramic tubes and isolation from mineral wool Rockwool. The system is made in the Czech Republic and is CE certified for wood, gas and oil. The system is complete and ready to install.

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The chimney tiles are produced in 3 types, with one hole, with two holes and with ventilations pit.

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Decorative above roof tiles are produced in 5 colors.

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Warranty 30 years is declared for burning inside ceramic tubes and maintaining the integrity, reliability and functionality of the system against moisture, subject to prescribed conditions. For other component is warranty 2 years.

The chimney system Primakomin is suitable for new buildings, wooden buildings, as well as for older buildings and reconstructions. The chimney can be placed inside or outside the building.

System is consisting of:  Chimney tiles, ceramic tubes, 45° or 90° tee, ceramic cleaning tube, inox chimney cup with roof, mineral wool Rockwool, adhesive for ceramic tubes, concrete plate, condensing bowl, metallic clearing door, ventilation grille, assembly instructions and chimney label.

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